Crozier's Turkeys - Free Range 100% Free Range Turkeys!

Life at Turkeyville

Turkey Hatchlings


From the beginning of October Judith is busy gathering eggs from the breeding hens and putting them into an incubator where they are monitored for 28 days.


From the beginning of November right through to the end of February, the Croziers are transferring their month-old eggs to the hatchery.


When the poults (baby turkeys) are 5 ½ weeks old they spend a brief time in the rearing sheds before being released onto the farm.

Getting ready for market

During New Zealand's summer months, mature turkeys, from 12 weeks of age are gathered in for processing.

After killing, any waste products including the feathers all go into composting for the farm. The necks and giblets are retained and sold packaged inside the turkeys to be used for stock, gravy and stuffing ingredients.

The plucked and eviscerated birds are immediately dipped into ozonated water to chill and sterilise them.

The turkeys are drained and then prepared for market. Some smaller cuts and products are prepared for the local market while the bulk of the turkeys are prepared for nationwide distribution. Whole birds are prepared with their legs tucked in close to the body which keeps the drumsticks moister during cooking. Pop-Up timers are carefully inserted to make cooking easier.