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The Crozier Story

How it started

Roast Turkey

In 1959, a 12 year old farm boy was looking for a way to make some pocket money. When a neighbour mentioned that there might be "some money in turkeys", young Philip Crozier took his savings of £5.00 and bought himself a pair of hen turkeys and a "gobbler" (male turkey) with the intention of breeding them. There was a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to be made but this was the beginning of Philip's lifetime obsession with breeding turkeys.

Today, Philip "the turkey man" and his wife Judith run their own 80-acre (33 hectares) turkey farm as a small yet thriving family business. "Turkeyville" is home of upwards to 20,000 white-feathered turkeys. Over the years their four children have been and continue to be part of the team. Crozier's Free-Range Turkey Farm is situated at Dromore, a stone's throw from Ashburton on the clean, green sunny plains of Mid-Canterbury in New Zealand.

Traditional methods

Herbed Citrus Rolled Roast

When it comes to raising turkeys, the Croziers are happy to stick to traditional methods. Free to range and grub for foods outside, the turkeys are also supplied with a mixture of natural grains, some of which are grown on the farm. The Croziers practice crop rotation which involves growing their crops in different locations from one season to the next and moving the turkeys to suit. This keeps the soil, crops and turkeys in prime condition. The Southern New Zealand winter frosts are welcomed as a natural way of killing off any pests or diseases that might be tempted to take up residence on the farm. And because theirs is a small operation, the Croziers are able to keep a close check on the health and well-being of their turkeys.

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