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New Boneless Rolled Roasts

Lesley Christensen-Yule, Chef

Lesley Christensen-Yule, Chef

The Crozier turkey roast is a lean boneless rolled roast of fresh free-range turkey meat. The turkey roast is made up of fresh white and dark meat taken off the bone in a single piece and simply held together in a convenient net tube before being vacuum packed and frozen. There is no processing of the meat so all you get is prime turkey minus the bone. This makes it an easy product to both cook and carve.

Recipes for our new Boneless Rolled Turkey Roasts

Tips on handling and cooking the rolled roast

All cooking tips and recipes by Lesley Christensen-Yule, Author of "The New Zealand Cook's Bible" – Penguin 2010

  • Thoroughly thaw before cooking.
  • Remove the plastic packaging but not the net before cooking.
  • The ends of the netting tube are tucked in to the meat. Before cooking, it is a good idea to pull the ends of the netting out from the meat and secure them by tying in a knot or with a piece of string.
  • Because it is such a lean product, it’s a good idea to start the cooking under cover and add liquid to the bottom of the roasting pan to create some steam. Alternatively the turkey may be cooked in an oven bag to trap in juices and moisture.
  • The recommended cooking time at 180° Celsius is 1 ½ hours per kg. For example a 2.5 kg turkey roast will take approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. For accuracy, the use of a meat thermometer is recommended. The internal temperature should reach 80° Celsius.
  • After cooking is complete, remove the roast from the oven, cover it with foil and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before snipping off the netting and carving the meat. The resting allows the meat to settle and the juices to be absorbed so that carving will be easier. During this time, pan gravy can be made if desired.